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Bobby is one of Ivy's close friends. It is unknown how they know each other, possibly that he works on Heaven on Earth along with her, Jessica and Dennis. He auditioned for Marilyn: The Musical and was selected to be in the chorus. He keeps away from Karen and is unfriendly when they first meet, but he offers to teach her, along with Jessica, and Dennis, about how to be in the chorus, along with get her into his dancing class.

During the course of the Season, it can be seen that he and Dennis have a flirtatious relationship the further the season goes, hugging, sitting in each other's laps.


Solos (In a Group Number)[]

Season One:

Season Two:


Season 1

He appears from The Cost of Art thru to Bombshell as a member of the Male ensemble.

Season 2

He returned as a member of the Bombshell cast.