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Ellis Boyd (played by Jaime Cepero) was born in Hamilton Heights and raised in Harlem and Fort Lee, NJ, Ellis attended Baruch College and majored in Media Studies.

Season 1

First shown in the Pilot, he was an assistant to composer Tom Levitt, who was starting a new project with Julia Houston based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. Ellis was thrilled to be working with the famous duo and soaking up every piece of Broadway wisdom he can, but then became an assistant to Eileen Rand.

Armed with irresistible charm, boundless ambition, razor-sharp intelligence, and ruthless determination, Ellis sought to rise to the top of the showbiz heap, eventually asking Eileen to become a co-producer for Bombshell in Hell on Earth. After poisoning Rebecca Duvall in the lead-up to the Previews in Boston, he was fired.

Season 2

Ellis was shown to be communicating with Jerry Rand in regards to Eileen and her relationship with Nick so that Jerry could receive producer rights to the musical.

In The Fringe we find out his girlfriend broke up with him; claiming Ellis to be a psychopath "and also gay".

In The Dress Rehearsal, he makes a cameo appearance during Tom's nightmare. When Tom turns over to his side, he sees Ellis in his bed, shirtless and smiling, causing Tom to start screaming, and then wake up.

He currently lives in Williamsburg.

Career Highlights[]

  • Was the assistant to Tom Levitt, during the Workshop of Marilyn: The Musical
  • Became the assistant to Eileen Rand and made to believe that he is co-producing Bombshell

Solos (In A Group Number)[]

Season One:


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