Emory Cohen
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Emory Cohen
New York City, New York, USA
March 13, 1990

Emory Cohen is an American actor set to play Leo Houston on the Broadway hit show, SMASH.


Emory Cohen was born and bred in New York City. Upon High School graduation, after completion of three feature films, he was given a full scholarship to UArts in Philadelphia. Emory was first cast in a short film, Tess and Nana. The casting director that cast him in Tess and Nana brought him in to read for Michael Imperioli for a lead role in "Hungry Ghosts," in which he was also cast. Emory can also be seen in "Afterschool," (Cannes Film Festival) a feature directed by Antonio Campos. He recently completed the feature, Nor'Easter, and upcoming "Four," with Wendell Pierce, based on the play by Christopher Shinn. Emory also can be seen in DreamWorks upcoming NBC television series Smash, playing Leo, the son of Debra Messing.