Enter Mr. DiMaggio
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date February 20, 2012
Written by Theresa Rebeck
Directed by Michael Mayer
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"Enter Mr. Dimaggio" is the 3rd episode of Season 1, and the 3rd episode of the series overall. It is directed by Michael Mayer.


The scene opens with Ivy and Derek getting “busy” as a thank you for the part. She says that she has been watching and reading about Marilyn and would like to work on her part more. He says that is what they are doing. He laughs and says that he is only joking. Later, Ivy talks to her friend and she say that Ivy just needs to enjoy the sex despite that it could have been why she got the part to begin with. Eileen meets with a jewelry assistant and sees knock-off earrings that were inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Derek meets with Karen and tells her that she should be upset that she is only going to be in the ensemble. He says that a lot could happen from now and the opening. Dev comes up and introduces himself. He says that he is Karen’s boyfriend and they begin to square off as to who is the better man. Karen looks at them, confused. 

Karen goes home with Dev and asks what he was doing. He says that he was only doing it to show who he was. He dips her and kisses her. The next day, Derek, Julia, Eileen and Tom are auditioning for the role of Joe DiMaggio and no one comes up to par. They hear that Michael Swift, a Broadway start that Julia knows, is interested possibly. Eileen suggests that they all go see him. Immediately they are impressed when they see him in action. Derek asks Eileen if Michael would be interested. Jerry comes up and asks if Derek could change his mind, but he says no. Jerry calls Eileen’s earrings “quaint” and asks who gave them to her. She throws her drink in his face and says that she doesn’t know how that keeps happening. Karen tells her coworker about the role and she says that any role is great. Karen says that it is a workshop and she tells her that Karen is going to be forced to miss a lot of days from work. She tells her that she is going to Iowa this weekend to visit her family. Her coworker tells her not to spend too much time with the “workshops”. 

Julia and Tom are going over the music when Ellis comes in and says that it sounds amazing. Julia is clearly not happy with Ellis. Tom says that Julia doesn’t like anyone. She says that she likes Derek. Tom says that Eileen and Derek went to go see Michael and they loved him. Julia asks how Michael is going to have time when he is doing the other gig. Tom says that it is closing and Julia tries to tell him that Michael isn’t good for the role as Joe DiMaggio. She says that they might not need Joe DiMaggio. Tom laughs and says that is a funny joke. Michael is playing with his son and his wife tells him that is a great deal. Michael says that he might wait, but she says that he needs to take it. Meanwhile, Eileen meets with investors and pitches the idea at them. When they hear that she is doing this without Jerry, they are leery. However, Eileen says that she only needs $200,000 because it is a workshop. They are relieved and laugh. Karen is having second thoughts of going back home because of the money issue. Dev says that she doesn’t have to worry at all about money and says that he will take care of things. She agrees to go.

Ellis meets with his friends and they tell him that Ellis should get a cut for his idea. Later, Ellis sees Julia’s notebook. Tom and Julia are thinking about the play and she says that marriage is a good thing and she looks for her notebook. She finds it missing. Ellis is in the hall with it. Meanwhile, Karen gets home to Iowa and later, her mother tells her father that Karen didn’t get the lead. Karen says that she is excited about being in the ensemble. Roger asks if they will hold her job while she is at the workshop. Meanwhile, Derek shows up to Ivy’s dressing room and Dennis and her friend listen in. Ellis has the notebook and his roommate comes in. She asks why he has that and he says that he wanted to see what else Julia had in her notebook. She calls him a spy and kisses him. Michael and his wife watch their son sleep. Michael says that theater is irresponsible, but she says that Michael needs to take the part. 

Julia goes in the next day to find Michael there at the office. He says that the show is great and that he is in. She says that she thought that he might have passed. Michael and Julia reminisce and there is clear tension. Michael tells Julia that she smells good. Later, Eileen gets earrings from Jerry. He sits down with her and she tells him to go back to his blondes. He says that they blend. He tries to put them on her and she refuses it. Jerry tells her that the producer that Eileen was supposed to meet with tonight is already on board with Marilyn the Musical. She asks how he knows and Jerry says that he talked to him. Eileen realizes that Jerry is trying to move in on her musical and tells him that she doesn’t need his help. She says that the only reason why Jerry bought the earrings was because he had thought that someone else bought her earrings. She says that she doesn’t want him moving in on the musical and throws her drink in Jerry’s face. 

Tom meets with Sam and asks how things are going. He tells Tom that he called he called him on a date. He says that Ivy told him to go for it. He says that Derek and Ivy are having sex in the dressing room. Later, Tom says that it is not right, but Julia says that she is not judging. Tom says that he does. Ellis is there and he says that Tom needs space. Julia says that she needs him to go. He says that she needs to watch out for what she says. She tells him that she fired him once and Ellis laughs and says that it clearly didn’t stick. He gives her the notebook and says that it was under Tom’s things. Meanwhile, Karen arrives at the baby shower. Eileen meets with Manny, the producer, and says that it was nice for him to meet with her. She gives the head-shot of Ivy, but he says that he is not interested unless Jerry is involved. Back at the bar, Karen gets convinced to sing “Redneck Woman”. She has all her friends join her and they all sing the song. 

At Derek’s, Ivy asks Derek why they don’t go to his place. He says that his neighbors have a new stove and they have turned off his gas. She laughs and says that she thought that he didn’t want her in his home. He says that is not the case. Later, Julia goes up to Tom and apologizes that they got into a fight. She tells him that she had an affair with Michael when they were working together. She says that she didn’t tell anyone and says that Michael was so good and it was a turn-on. She tells Tom about how Michael and her hooked up. She says that it is over and has been, but needs help to never go back there. Ellis is in the hall and hears all of this. In Iowa, Karen gets ready to leave and Roger says that she needs to hear him out, but Karen says that being in the ensemble is good and she is good. He says that he wants to give her a check. He says that he has to help out once in a while. She thanks him and asks why he smells like smoke. He admits that he was at the baby shower hearing her sing. Karen gets a ride to the airport. Meanwhile, Ivy sings with Michael and they imagine their time on stage (Mr. & Mrs. Smith ). However, Michael looks at Julia as he sings with Ivy. She is clearly not over Michael as a crush. The episode ends. 


Main Cast:

Recurring Cast:Edit

  • Will Chase as Michael Swift
  • Becky Ann Baker as Mrs. Cartwright
  • Dylan Baker as Roger Cartwright
  • Michael Cristofer as Jerry Rand
  • Lewis Stadlen as Ralph Masius


  • Michele Federes as Monica Swift
  • Condola Rashad as Cyn
  • Savannah Wise as Jessica
  • Blake Johnson as Artie Swift
  • Phillip Spaeth as Dennis
  • Manny Azenberg as himself
  • Jenni Barber as Marlena
  • Scott Burkhardt as Scott
  • Jennifer Ikeda as Lianne
  • Rebecca Naomi Jones as Laura
  • Nadia Quinn as Amy
  • Hale Appleman as Zach
  • Jessica Lee Goldyn as Lucy
  • Larry Block as Gary Garrison
  • Finnerty Steeves as Moira


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