Hit List (Original Cast Recording)
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June 30th, 2013



Written by

Jimmy Collins



Hit List (Original Cast Recording) was released on June 30th, 2013 (in the shows world). It features all of the songs in Hit List. Karen Cartwright, Jimmy Collins, and Daisy Parker are on lead vocals. Music and lyrics are all written by Jimmy Collins. Most of the album was recorded before Ana Vargas replaced Daisy Parker, so on the bonus track each of the Diva's songs are re-recorded by Ana.


Disc 1Edit

   No.                                   Title                                                                      Length

  1. Broadway, Here I Come (Pre-reprise) (featuring Daisy Parker)                      0:15
  2. Rewrite This Story (featuring Karen Cartwright & Jimmy Collins)                    2:49
  3. Good For You (featuring Karen Cartwright)                                                   4:04
  4. Broadway, Here I Come (featuring Karen Cartwright)                                     4:32
  5. The Love I Meant To Say (featuring Jimmy Collins)                                      3:13
  6. Reach For Me (featuring Daisy Parker)                                                         3:32
  7. Original (featuring Karen Cartwright)                                                            2:50
  8. The Love I Meant To Say (Reprise) (featuring Karen Cartwright)                   1:10
  9. I Heard Your Voice In A Dream (featuring Jimmy Collins)                            2:33
  10. Don't Let Me Know (featuring Karen Cartwright with Jimmy Collins)               3:27
  11. Pretender (featuring Karen Cartwright)                                                         2:17
  12. I'm Not Sorry (featuring Karen Cartwright Daisy Parker)                            2:33
  13. I Heard Your Voice In A Dream (Reprise) (featuring Jimmy Collins)             1:00
  14. Caught In The Storm (featuring Jimmy Collins)                                           3:33
  15. Returning Home Song (featuring Daisy Parker)                                         4:40
  16. Good For You (Reprise) (featuring Karen Cartwright)                                   0:50
  17. Heart Shaped Wreckage (featuring Karen Cartwright Jimmy Collins)          3:23
  18. Broadway, Here I Come (Reprise) (featuring Karen Cartwright)                     0:09
  19. The Love I Meant To Say (Reprise) (featuring Jimmy Collins)                      0:20
  20. The Goodbye Song (featuring Hit List Cast)                                               3:29

Disc 2 (Bonus Track)Edit

  1. Broadway, Here I Come (Pre-reprise) (featuring Ana Vargas)                     0:15
  2. Reach For Me (featuring Ana Vargas)                                                        3:32
  3. I'm Not Sorry (featuring Karen Cartwright Ana Vargas)                            2:33
  4. I'm Not Lost (featuring Karen Cartwright)                                                   2:50
  5. Chest of Broken Hearts (featuring Jimmy Collins)                                      3:30
  6. I Can't Let Go (featuring Veronica Moore)                                                  3:39