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Jessica is a Broadway actress and back up dancer, she currently works in Heaven on Earth as a dancer, along with Ivy and Dennis. She is first seen in Pilot after telling Ivy to calm down when she discovers she didn't get a part she had auditioned for. She and Bobby are best friends; one is rarely seen without the other.

Season 1[]

She has a small part in the first few episodes, mostly there to support Ivy during the callbacks, and when Ivy was having relationship problems. She plays a larger role in The Cost of Art and starts off by being threatened by Karen, and with most of the other dancers call her a hick. After she watches Karen break down, she takes her to a store and she, along with Bobby, begin to befriend her. They teach her how to be a proper back up dancer and sing and perform Rumour Has It. After Karen confronts Jessica for being cruel to her, She and Jessica become best friends. It is possible that Jessica prefers Karen more than Ivy, despite then previously being best friends. Jessica and Karen are often seen together, giving each other advice about Boyfriend issues etc.


Solos (In a Group Number)[]

Season One:

Season Two: