Music by Tom Levitt

Book and Lyrics by Julia Houston

Based on an Original Concept


Tom Levitt and Julia Houston

Libretto Used for Boston Out-of-Town Previews



The curtain rises on a black stage consumed by an eerie silence.

A single spotlight slices through the darkness and comes up on a beautiful young woman standing centre stage. This is NORMA JEANE MORTENSON. Innocent and vulnerable, unaware of what the world has in store for her.

Suddenly we see figures emerging from the shadows behind her. As the lights slowly come up, we see the SHADOW SELVES - voices that Norma Jeane can hear in her head. But in our eyes, we see they are young women just like her.

SHADOW SELF #1: You're nothing.

SHADOW SELF #2: Your father left because he didn't want you.

SHADOW SELF #3: Your mother is crazy. Certifiably nuts.

SHADOW SELF #4: Nobody wants you.

SHADOW SELF #3: Nobody wants you.
SHADOW SELF #2: Nobody wants you.
SHADOW SELF #1: You're nothing.

Norma Jeane becomes unsettled by these taunting words and is almost tormented by memories of her childhood. But then something happens - her demeanor changes into one of confidence...and of hope for the future.


Fade in on a girl with a hunger for fame
And a face and a name to remember
The past fades away
Because as of this day
Norma Jeane's gone
She's moving on...

Her smile and your fantasies play a duet
That will make you forget where you are
The music starts playing
It's the beat of her heart saying: Let Me Be Your Star