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Never Give All the Heart is an original song first featured in Pilot, the first episode of Season One. It was written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman.


It was first sung by Ivy in the Pilot. However, only a short portion was heard in the episode and it was initially not released as a single. Ivy's version was later released as a bonus track on the Bombshell album and included on The Complete Season Two album.

The song was later reprised in full by Karen in Understudy. This version, featuring Katharine McPhee (Karen Cartwright) on lead vocals, was released as a single.

An uptempo version, performed by Karen, was later featured in The Fringe, the sixth episode of Season Two .

Context in Bombshell[]

In the context of Bombshell, the number occurs before The 20th Century Fox Mambo. Norma Jeane attends a modelling photo shoot to pay her bills. Whilst there, she spies a book of Yeats' poetry on the shelf and surprises the photographer with her knowledge of the poet's work as she sings of her history with men. But even as she quotes Yeats, the song ends with her naked in the iconic calendar pose. 

It was written by Tom Levitt and Julia Houston and was first performed in a recording session for a Marilyn demo with Ivy Lynn as Marilyn Monroe (Pilot). It was later performed in rehearsals for the Boston previews by Karen Cartwright (Understudy).


Norma Jeane:
As a girl, I lived in a million homes
So I always would keep to myself
And my lessons were learned
From the stories and poems
I would steal from a library shelf

Yes the books, like the rooms
Weren't mine to keep
But the words weren't left behind
And I think of them all now when I can't sleep
And a poet who read my mind

As the wise man once wrote
Never give all the heart
Well, it's easy to see
He was writing for me
I just wish I could play that part

Yes, he scribbled that love
Isn't worth thinking of
That it fades out from kiss to kiss
If I just learned those lines
Well, just think of the misery I'd miss

As the Irishman said
Don't put your heart up to play
When he warned of the cost
And the heart that he lost
Mr. Yeats really paved the way

For the men that I've known
Who have clearly shown
They've been reading him from the start
'Cause when it comes to me
Well, their kisses come free
But they never give all the heart

When he warned of the cost
And the heart that he lost
Mr. Yeats really paved the way

For the men that I've known
Well, they've clearly shown
They've been reading him from the start
'Cause each time that I fall
They never give all the heart


Appearances in Smash[]

Season Episode Performers Released
Season One Pilot Tom Levitt and Ivy Lynn No
Ivy Lynn Yes
Karen Cartwright No
Understudy Karen Cartwright Yes
Season Two The Fringe Karen Cartwright No



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Karen's version


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